This can be a very hard decision to make for many drivers. Sadly, some drivers wait for the windshield to be totally damaged before consider repairing it and worse still in the African countries they might even use some form or polythene or cello tape to cover the area acting like it is their windshield. Life has been lost because of this decision thus a once simple decision is made into a very complex decision for many. Well here’s is a simple answer to the question. What should tell if you should repair or replace the windshield is the size of the Crack or the size of the chip. If the size of the crack or chip is smaller than one quarter then it is okay to just repair it, but if it is more then a quarter, then you should surely replace it. It is not safe to continue using a windshield whose crack is more than a quarter and this is because it can impair vision or distort vision thus affecting the decision making of the driver and this can be very dangerous. It is important that one knows that it might not always be a chip or it might not always be less than a quarter. Cracks grow and old cracks form new cracks and the longer you live with a cracked windshield the larger the danger you tend to face. One should always try to repair even as small as a chip to a crack as these are what leads to the large cracks you see on vehicle and ultimately explosion of windshields. It didn’t come all of a sudden or in one day, it grew day by day till it got that bad.

Reason to repair a windshield

The major reason why you would choose to repair a windshield instead of changing the full thing is simply because of the price. The price of replacement could as high as 10 times the cost of repairing the windshield. This makes repairing the easy fix for many but as you would guess it is the less safe option. Some companies actually offer great prices for repairs and they also offer some very good deals. For example, some companies repair windshields but if that windshield gets cracked or chipped at the same spot you get a replacement at a price which deducts the prices of the repair.

Something to consider before thinking of repairing a windshield

(Effect on driver vision)

Some states do not permit the repairing of a windshield if it by any means affects the vision of the driver. This could mean potential danger not only for the driver but road users and other car users.

Avoiding cracks and chips


One of the major things that cause cracks or chips on the windshield is heat. When your vehicle is getting too hot internally, it increases the pressure on the glasses and mostly on the windshield because they are usually the part of the car which takes up the sun the most. In a bid to release the pressure, cracks might occur on the windshields.



When it’s winter, snow or ice from the sky can also cause damage to the car windshield