The Old World, the world descended from the pages of our historical novels, embodies the greatness and romance of the past. These are living testimonies of myths and legends, beginning with the Roman Coliseum and the mysterious British Stonehenge and ending with the gothic castles of Transylvania and the fabulously toy towns of Germany and France.

The European theme of wallpaper for your desktop is the best and most pleasing to the eye solution. Parks of ancient estates in Britain, Italian villas and palazzos, preserved from the time of the famous Medici and Borgia, French and Austrian palace complexes – all this is included in the collection of the best wallpapers for the desktop of European themes.

The cities of Colmar, Regentsburg, the village of Githorn – these and other corners of Europe are not megacities and tourist Mecca, but they have unique charm and charm.

Even modern megalopolises of the Old World retain a unique patina of time and a certain fairy-tale fleur. Our collection contains the best desktop wallpapers that will allow you to open your own window to the very Europe that we each dreamed about from childhood, plunging into the world of fairy tales and adventure novels.