The first American-made car to win the Dewar Trophy race against the British, the Cadillac is a unique car in every way. Over a hundred years of history, unique design, a huge number of models and types, including tanks. Wallpaper with the first Cadillac models, more like carriages and landos, will not leave indifferent steampunk fans.

Images of cadillacs on the desktop and people who prefer wallpaper displaying unique cars will delight people, because this brand from the beginning of its existence embodies prestige and exclusivity. The concern did not produce a single conveyor model, for many years creating exclusively exclusive cars. Those cars that were created for special purposes – medical, hearse, limousines – had to be made in special workshops. Cadillac still does not produce such cars.

Today, Cadillac remains the embodiment of the American dream and high social status. It was Cadillac that became the first armored car of the President of the United States, before which he was confiscated from the famous Al Capone. This emerald green model is one of the most popular themes used in desktop wallpapers.